Corvette Guitar - Davis Guitars

Luthier Dan Davis has always had a passion for beautiful guitars but he also has a love for the American sports car, the Corvette. In 2020, he is combining his passion while creating a one of a kind masterpiece. Introducing the Dan Davis custom “Corvette Guitar”. In the gallery below, Dan walks us through how he was inspired to create this one of a kind gem and also he shows us some behind the scene images while creating the guitar. Dan plans to have this guitar completed in December, 2020. We will continue to update this gallery as he completes the instrument.

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Putting An Idea On Paper

This is an early sketch of the outline of the C8 Corvette guitar. the body is in the shape of the C8 Corvette Stingray emblem found on the rear of Corvette. The tail of the Stingray runs op the center of the fingerboard with the C O R V E T T E inlayed as position markers ( in Mother Of Pearl) in the same font as the C8 corvette on the car. This sketch was also used to build the case for the instrument.

Additional Sketches Including Pick-Up cover and Pick Guard

More sketches I created during the development of the C8 instrument, the C8 steering wheel (use for pick-up cover), and the pick guard design.

Mother of Pearl Designs

Mother of Pearl (MOP) inlay of the C8 Corvette emblem and the MOP and Abalone inlay of the C8 motor through the back window, the layout of the Tail piece, special ebony fingerboard.

C8 Steering Wheel

This is the C8 steering wheel made of Ebony, MOP and Abalone that will be positioned on top of the pick-up.

Tail Piece Inlay

Inlay of the bottom portion of the Tail piece, engine looking through the back window.

Designing the Tail Piece

This design was created to highlight the new C8 Corvette emblem and depicting the mid-engine design.

Layout of the Tail Piece Inlay

Abstract C8 Corvette sketch. This design was used by GM when the C8 was revealed to the public in July 2019 and is inlayed on the bottom of the neck in MOP. Location of Pick-up cover and Pick guard.

Additional Guitar Layout Development

Layout development of the pick guard, tail piece and pick-up cover.

Corvette C8 Emblem – Tail Piece

Ebony C8 Corvette emblem inlayed with Mother of Pearl, it is located at the top of the tail piece.

Corvette C8 Guitar Body Design

The Corvette C8 guitar features a Sitka Spruce carved arch top of the instrument as well as “C8 Corvette” side vents shape that are used for shape of the sound holes of this acoustic instrument. Also shown are the pick guard and pieces of the tail piece positioned on the instrument.

Working Headlights!

The pick guard of the Corvette C8 guitar created to resemble “C8 Corvette” headlights (top view). The pick guard is inlayed with Mother of Pearl resembling running lights which actually work! (LED mini lights under MOP inlay operated by 6V battery)

Tail Piece of the C8 Guitar

Photo of the tail piece set in position.

Completed Tail Piece

This photo shows the completed tail piece for the Corvette C8 Davis Guitar. Special ebony with motor of MOP and Abalone and Ebony inlays.

Corvette C8 Guitar Neck

Neck design with Special Ebony Fingerboard attached, inlays complete. Neck is flamed Maple (2 piece) with special designed head. The head of the guitar is in the shape of the C8 Corvette front end. Ready to be shaped a fitted to the body.

Neck Fitted to Guitar Body

This photo shows the neck of the Corvette C8 Guitar fitted to the body of instrument. The neck is ready to be shaped and have the frets installed.

Starting to Take Shape!

This photo shows the neck fitted, frets installed, and pick guard fitted on the C8 Corvette instrument body. The guitar body is made with Quilted Maple on both the back and sides, Sitka Spruce carved arch top, Ebony binding and has been outlined with .047″ wide Abalone purfling strips.

Graphics Complete!